Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let's Call It "A Year to Remember"

Oh my, its been a while since my last time. This work life thing might has change the way I look at stuff a lot. Well, lets see what I can say here.

Its been almost 2weeks since my first day at work, and I've already calling for sick on my 4th day. I woke up that morning with severe runny nose but I am so persistent not to take my Telfast right away. I want to be like Erick, who always says he can handle it with a lil passion and body immune. Big no no, it was not going any better and I decided not to go to work. Well, part of me said to force myself to go to work, since i know it will get better anw, but the other half is way too strong. As you all can guess. =) Anw, the next day I get back to work and all of sudden my job becomes a lot more fun. Coincidence?

So, what am I doing for living now? Thats always is the question, isnt it?
I worked in MoonePonds, 14mins train from the city (not so bad actually), in Toll Global Forwarding, and my role is a business analyst. I was so happy with this role, because this is what i want for so long already. Turns out it was not an easy job. Actually its quite easy if i have all the resources ready for me, but my colleague is such a big believer in "learning on your own" kind of thing. She forced me to re-create all scripts by myself and comes up with my own ERD. Which is good so far, but i feel like am learning in a slow mode. Am i being fuzzy here?

As far as i know, if everyone comes to work at my office, there should be 12 of us (including the other new girl that will start to work on the early Jan as well). It is not that much people, isnt it? And i think it kind of make the working environment really effective and warm. But scary as well, cause there will be no slacking around at all. We all know each other. Apparently they "kid" around a lot during work hour. My manager is such a funny guy. Ops, need to mention he got us box of chocolate for our xmas present. What a nice guy. =)
I think enough about work for now?

Life seems to be less colourful when you start working.
At least thats what my friend told me.
So far, I can say it is partly true. I feel like on my working days, I'll be longing for weekend. Planning things to do and where to go to eat. While on my weekends, i'll be thinking what to do next at work.

Btw, we did the Christmas Potluck. And it was a really merry one. Everyone's having fun. We laughed and ate a lot. Most of us should feel overfull. We played nice games. Listen to nice songs. I had a great fun. =)
See whats next for New Year...

I guess enough for now, until i see you again blogger.. hopefully there will be another update before new year..


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