Saturday, April 3, 2010

life is not so good lately

i am in indonesia, and bandung to be exact.
So far my plan has going just fine, except that my feeling is not at the very best place at all.

In short,
Everything is ruined by stupidity,
I got in a fight with my bf and i hate it

Seems like we r not going with the same perspective about our life anymore,
Can someone change in days?
It is not even a week from the last time we were tgthr.
I know its different when we used to get together all the time,
And suddenly u two r apart
But is that good enough as a reason for us to be so sensitive towards each other?
I do think if he can be so sensitive,
Me can do so too,

My friend said,
Face it and if u can pass it,
U'll get a lot stronger,
But if u can't then
Its better to know it early

PS: i blame no one


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