Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Big Day - 10.04.2010

the day has come..
the main reason for me to go back
"Holly's sweet 17th party - 10042010"

Our prayers:
1. no rain
2. cool mild weather
3. fun environment
4. happy family
5. succesfull party
and its all done...

The party should be started from 6pm,
but we decided to wait until 6.45pm,
when the time said so, there were not enough guests to start,
things were not as expected..

My lil sis was inside worried about her party ruined by not enough guests,
and mom got panicked also..
I know there is a surprise for Holly,
but It is before I decided to went down stairs, trying to see if there's more people coming to the party before we really start,
and I found out,
there were bunch of them waiting downstairs, wanting to give Holly surprises..

Here is the plan:
Wait downstairs and let Holly get upset by not enough guess,
Get her to do the cake ceremonial,
and just when she about to do so,
theyll come and surprise her with a big happy birthday song to be sang,
with candles to be lightened
and a scrap book prepared by them..
there were 16 or 17 of them, i can not recall..

and even though there were many things going wrong,
but on the top of all,
she is happy,
and also her friends,
ceremonial was done very nicely,
and she cant stop from smiling =)

that was one night,
where I can see how she can keep that smile on her face the longest ever,
it is a compliment really..
my 7hours trip was paid knowing that everybody is happy there..


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