Friday, April 30, 2010

Cooking time~

Even if I have been a lazy student so far, at least I still got to learn something here..
Yup yup yup, cooking time~...

I bought this new slow cooker from KMart because:
ONE. it is on special, and
TWO. i got sick of looking to all of my housemate's yummy cooking using their slowcooker..
One thing for sure, you can make anything turn into a tender texture,
including meat, vegies, even beans..

Anyway, my first trial and error experiment is
"Baikut Sayur Asin - Pickled Mustard Soup"
taken from here

Method category: Soup/Stew (Rebus)
Ingredients/ Bahan:
1 lt Water (Air)
1 pack Pickled Mustard (sawi asin)
2 cloves Garlic.
500 gr Pork Ribs (Baikut Babi)
1 inch Ginger sliced (Jahe, iris)
2 tsp Salt (Garam)
1 tsp White Pepper (Merica)

Directions/Cara membuat:
1. Wash the pickled mustard, and chopped.
2. Chopped the pork ribs per bone. Cook the ribs until cooked with water and all the spices.
3. Put in the pickled mustard and bring it to boil once again.

1. Cuci sayur asin lalu potong2. Cuci dan potong2 daging baikut menurut ruas tulangnya.
2. Rebus baikut dengan air dan bumbu2 hingga matang.
3. Masukkan sayur asin lalu didihkan sekali lagi.


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