Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jolie's Tattoos - Stories Behind Her Growing Collection

I love Jolie~ I always love her, besides the fact that some people thinks she ruined Aniston's lovely marriage (i totally out of discussion bout this one)

Part of the reasons why I love her is her passion in tattoos..
As an actress, she is not common.. She is one of a kind and im luving it.. =)
For every reason that she got, she has now at least a dozen tattoos over her body and she also has quiet a lot of experience with tattoo removal..

List of Angelina Jolie's Tattoos:
1. "know your rights" - Under her neck, between her shoulders
This one is taken from the song title of her favorite band

2. Sanskrit blessing in the Cambodian language - On her left shoulder
This tattoo was done by a tattoo artist Noo (aka Sompong). She did this tattoo to protect her Cambodian adopted daughter from bad luck.
It also covers her old tattoo in Japanese character which means "death"

and here is the translation:
May your enemies run far away from you.
If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always.
Your beauty will be that of Apsara.
Wherever you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides.

3. Arabic script on her right forearm
Some people believe that it means "strength of will" but some deny it by saying that it means "determination" instead

4. Jolie dedicated this tattoo as a prayer to her mother
This prayer comes from Tennessee Williams : "A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages.

5. She does not believe to the myth of 13 as a bad luck, so she got this one on her left underarm

6. Cross tattoo with a Latin phrase close to her hip

7. Longitude and latitude coordinates which represents the locations where her kids were adopted from on her left arm (it also cover up her "Billy Bob" - former husband tattoo..

Maddox (N11° 33' 00" E104° 51' 00")
Zahara (N09° 02' 00" E038° 45' 00")
Pax (N10° 46' 00" E106° 41' 40")
and where her and Brad Pitt's children were born at - Shilo (S22° 40' 26" E014° 31' 40")
& twins Vivienne & Knox (N43° 41' 21" E07° 14' 28")

8. Large tiger tattoo on her bottom back - my fave

On her trip to Thai, she decided to get a traditional Thai style tattoo with a large tiger design.. The process was done manually using hand.. She also covered her originally two tiny tribal-style designs on either side of her spine and a small dragon tattoo..

P.S. One of the dream that my bf always wanted to do is having a tattoo.. ha!


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