Friday, January 8, 2010

Diamond Are a Girls Best Friend

Ever heard of it?
I am not fully agree with it, until this one..

In one lazy evening when me n my mom get into this beauty hair day together,
I grabbed one of the magz, Bazaar - December 2009 ed. and I look at this "item", should I called it, which has successfully triggered my shopping addiction..

They called it Magic Hour Watch,
with its 18 carat rose gold bezel, and of course, diamond on the inner circle..
luv luv luv it...
i should say luv at first sight..

i wish christmas has not ended..
santa, can i get this "magic hour watch" as my present,
i promise you i'll be a good girl =)


Anonymous said...


this will be one of ur wish list for me.. hehe
hope someday i could get one of them for you baby...^^

luv u..

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