Thursday, September 10, 2009

maria vs maria maria

I hate it!
My name is Maria. I comes from Indonesia and I am an indo-chinese. I don't however have a Chinese name... and my daddy doesn't feels like giving me one either.
My daddy changed his Chinese name to Indonesian name as the government required so long time ago. And since he married, he was officially allowed to choose his own indo family name. But he didn't want to.
So, ends up.. my name is Maria. and that is it. No last name.

I moved to Australia and struggled with Monash system which does not accept the fact that I do not have a last name... and actually, most of the system in Australia doesn't either.
So.... I got a last name. Maria, yes it is. My name is now Maria Maria, as Australian system accept.

Now, I am about to graduate and I am offered to change my name from Maria Maria (to be printed on my academic result and certificate) to Maria, only.
Should I change it again?



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